Snowshoe Trails are indicated with GREEN markers on trees (black on map above)

  1. MAIN LOOP   0.87 km
    Easy – Begins and ends at the chalet, gently rolling terrain that skirts the sand dunes and cedar forest.

  2. SHORT LOOP   0.50 km
    Easy – Runs north from the Main Loop, along the edge of the peninsula that juts into the swamp.  Mostly flat. 

  3. LONG LOOP   1.20 km
    Easy – On the south side of the Main Loop following the ridge around a swamp.  Mostly flat with one short hill and one area that could be wet in warm weather where it crosses the swamp.  One end of Lister’s Loop starts on this trail.

  4. DEER CIRCLE TRAIL   0.35 km     
    Easy – A short trail into a small loop through thick bush. Mostly flat. The Long Loop and Lister’s Loop start/end on this trail.

  5. LISTER’S LOOP   2.80 km
    Medium – Travels a mix of swamp and rolling hills.  Begins/ends on the Long Loop and Deer Circle Trail.  Crosses a large swamp and then follows hardwood and coniferous ridges.  Can be  accessed from the Long Loop end in warmer weather if the swamp is wet.  The access trail for the Ridge Loop and River Trail.

  6. RIDGE LOOP   1.30 km 
    More Difficult – Begins and ends on Lister’s Loop.  Climbs through hardwood forest to the top of  Ruth’s Ridge in two places.  Meets with the ski trail at the crest overlooking the Rankin River.  Some steep sections.

  7. DAM TRAIL   2.50 km  
    Medium – Winding trail through low lying bush and hilly mixed forest.  Accessed from the Main Loop.  Can be wet in warm weather.  Ends at the scenic Rankin Dam and Ski Club Gazebo.  Return via the same trail or the River Snowshoe Trail.

  8. RIVER TRAIL   2.70 km  
    Medium – Winding trail that roughly follows the Rankin River but includes some hills. Begins on Lister’s Loop and ends at the Rankin Dam and Gazebo. Can be combined with the Dam Trail to make
    a loop.

Please avoid stepping on groomed ski trails.


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