Trails are indicated by coloured markers on trees as follows:

RED Markers: Easier – novice to intermediate
BLUE Markers: Medium – intermediate to advanced/experienced

  1. DAM TRAIL (A > B > E > F > A)    5.8 km
    Difficult – 3 short steep uphills (herringbone or sidestep). Several short quick downhills and one long fast downhill (w/turn at bottom).

  2. STEEP HILL VIEW (F > steep hill > F; add distance to Trail #1)    add 2.5 km

  3. SHORT DAM TRAIL (A > B > E > SHORTCUT > A)    4.8 km
    Difficult – as #1 above, less one short, steep uphill.

  4. MELODY LANE (A > B > C > A)    2.8 km
    Easiest – no steep or long fast hills.

  5. MAIN LOOP (A > B > D > A)    3.0 km
    Medium – a few tricky dips and turns and one herringbone hill between B & D otherwise, identical to Melody Lane.

  6. RUTH’S RIDGE (add distance to Trails #4 & #5)    add 1.2 km
    Easy to medium – long flat climb, long easy downhill (can be fast in icy conditions) one tricky dip.

  7. EAST LOOP (add distance to Trail #5   add 1.2 km )   (add distance to Trail # 4   add 1.6 km)
    Medium – Ski loop counter clockwise. Stay to LEFT down intersection hill, then take trail to the right. One tricky long flat downhill (curves) One short steep uphill. A "T" intersection at the bottom of a hill meets with the River Trail; snowplow stop/turn is required.

  8. RIVER TRAIL (A > B > D half East Loop (right fork) > River Trail > B > A)    4.2 km
    Medium – Ski either leg of East Loop (easier and 0.2 km shorter to take left fork) River Trail itself is easy except at the end where it meets the Dam Trail. Here there is a very steep uphill (herringbone or sidestep).

  9. RIVER/DAM LOOP (as above, from end of River Trail complete Dam Trail)    6.2 km
    Difficult –see descriptions for River and Dam Trails above.

  10. LONG LOOP (Dam to F > Steep Hill > G > J > F > return on Dam Trail > A)    11 km
    Most difficult – Ski Trail counter-clockwise. Caution! Steep Hill is not skiable – there is no run out at bottom of hill. Please walk, sidestep or slide down on you side. The rest of Dawson Trail is easy. John’s Lake Trail is difficult – lots of hills with turns. Be careful at the Cascade Hill – downhill snowplow with turn to left at bottom.

  11. GATE ROUTE (H > J > F > return on Dam Trail > A)    6 km
    Medium to Difficult – (Note: 2 vehicles required.) Leave one vehicle in parking lot at South Gate (Chalet – don’t forget to pay.), drive north on County Road to North Gate (look in woods for yellow gate, just before you reach the Landfill Site Entrance). Groomed trail starts inside yellow gate. If you are comfortable skiing the Dam Trail, this route will present no problems.


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