Chalet and Trailhead

Off-Season Trail Work

New sand and gravel base from entrance to Wiz Trail

Storage shed raised on blocks to improve drainage

New sand and gravel around the lean-to

One of the fallen trees that had to be removed

An unexpected helper showed up for trail work

An interesting tree found along the trails

Signs of a visitor enjoying our trails

Another visitor - green frog seen during trail work

Late November and the bears not hibernating yet

Our Grooming Equipment out on the Trail

The tenderizer flaps on the groomer help widen hills to make climbing easier.
The (liftable) track setter is at the back.

On the Trails


Spectacular scenery along the trails taken by club member and photographer Lori Fera.
(You can see more of her work at L.A. Fera Photography.)


Snowshoeing the weekend the trails opened

The Sauble Ski Club Christmas Tree 2020-21

Enjoying the snowshoe trails

Enjoying the ski trails

Fireball Lookout - note the brush to clean off the bench

Stream along the Dam Trail

Freshly set tracks

View from the gazebo

The dam



Wishing well

The interesting tree in winter

Coyote stump

Swans on the river at the gazebo

The gazebo

Taking a break at the gazebo

Enjoying the ski trails

Morning on the Rankin River

Moonlight snowshoeing at the end of February

Looking down from Ruth's Ridge

Skiing the Dam Trail


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